Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dinner and a Movie

Or how to be extremely anachronistic in your retro look, and still somehow make it work.

I recently went on a crazy vintage shopping spree (more on this later), and decided to buy half the planet's worth of vintage and retro items. Last night was cinema night (Star Trek, anyone?), the perfect opportunity to show off my new finds. Problem: I wanted to showcase them all at the same time, but they're from different decades. So, I set myself 3 rules:
#1: Match the colours.
#2: Build your outfit around a theme.
#3: Just smile and nod.

I was dying to try my new kimono-print 70s does 50s dress. Luckily I also bought 50s-style flower earrings in a matching pink colour. So far so good. But then I went with a 40s-style cardigan and some 70s-style black wedges. You know, to add to the whole post-war-geisha look.
Finally, to add insult to injury, I decided to top it all off with an Edwardian updo. What could possibly go wrong?

Cardigan - Promod
Earrings - Collectif

Please ignore the silly face~

The Belle Epoque updo was a lot of fun to style. I tried to follow this tutorial, but my hair turned out to be slightly too short, so I went proper Edwardian and padded it with hair from my hairbrush. Nobody knew!

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