Saturday, 2 April 2016

My favourite cosmetic products ever (that got discontinued :( )

Promesse by Cacharel

This was my favourite perfume when I was at school. Even now, I still keep the empty bottle (although the smell's gone off and it's really not the same anymore). It was very fruity, without being too sweet. Could work in winter or evenings just as well as for summer days. Youthful, but not too much. Great staying power, without being overpowering. Naturally, I didn't find out it got discontinued until I ran out and tried to buy a new bottle.


M.A.C Studio Sculpt foundation

To be fair, this hasn't quite been discontinued. It's merely no longer distributed in the UK. Which, considering that the US shop doesn't ship internationally, adds up to just about the same thing for me. I'm trying to get a bottle off of another retailer as I type. It has really good coverage, I like the texture - it doesn't dry out my skin, nor does it melt off my face halfway through the day - and it smells delicious.


Yves Rocher Gloss Fruité

This gloss... this gloss... Let me tell you. This gloss takes everything that's awful about gloss and makes it disappear. Then it takes everything that's great about gloss and multiplies it tenfold. Then you find out what it is to love, for no gloss could ever compare and you'll treasure it forever. Then you put it in your pencil case at school, along with all the other useless things you carry with you every day (your Tunisian Vanilla essence perfume that smells like vanilla and absolutely nothing else, your favourite Diddl ink pen that doesn't scratch the paper when you write....) .... Aaaand then your pencil case gets nicked. And you never see it again. The end.

...Seriously, though, that gloss was the bomb. Childhood nostalgia aside, it smelled so good it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It was so glossy your lips looked like vinyl. It didn't have glitter. It was roll-on. IT DIDN'T STICK TO YOUR HAIR. 


What about you guys? Any products you wish they'd bring back?

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