Saturday, 13 April 2013

Affordable Fashion #1: Nasty Gal's cutout dresses

Hiya! Today I'm going to be raving on about my new favourite shopping site... Nasty Gal. (Note that all the following pictures are shamelessly taken from their website).

Two words: Cutout. Dresses.

Misha tail dress

Colours divide dress, only £15

Buckle Down skater dress

Not a cutout design, but the Kerrigan dress has an amazing colour.

Aaand my ultimate favourite, the Take Me Out dress

These are but a few of my favourite. They're very affordable, but if I listened to myself I'd be in more debt than Michael Jackson by now. Sigh.
Anyway, not only do they seem to hold a permanent sale to get rid of their end of stocks, but they do anything from jewellery to chunky platform heels, and even have an amazing, albeit pricier, designer vintage section. Silk shirt for 50 quid? Yes, please.

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