Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Affordable Fashion... the Evening Gown issue

It seems to me that black tie events, no matter how exciting the prospect, are the bane of student life. Costume parties, we can handle - nothing a bit of arts and crafts, and maybe a trip to the nearest charity shop, can't solve. But dressing up to the nines? The ghost of my long-gone student loan shudders at the very thought. Is it just me?

So when it came to my New Year's Eve party in Paris (yes, yes, this dates back a little), I was at a loss. I was aiming for something 30s-inspired, with a modern twist. But how do you recreate 30s glamour on a lowly student budget?! 
I ended up finding Primark.

Interior decoration by my wonderful aunt

Top - an old thing I've had for years, which I picked up in a little shop in Milan. Forgot to photograph the back, but it's cut in a V-shape with a black ribbon lacing up across corset-style.

Skirt - Primark (12 £)

Shoes (which you can't really see - they're black faux-suede stilettos) - Primark (12£)

So in the end, this whole outfit added up to... £24. 

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